Nationals 2017

And that’s a wrap! The 2017 Australian National Band Championships is over and everyone is either home, getting there or enjoying an extended Easter break. It was a fantastic weekend. We saw monkeys in the park, walked the length of Cataract Gorge, filled every restaurant we visited, played Cards Against Humanity a few times, drank … More Nationals 2017

Tassie Time!

It’s that time of year again: Nationals season. We are less than a week out from Nationals and don’t we know it – I feel like my instrument hasn’t left my face for a week! But, it’s the calm before the storm now. Rehearsals are finishing up, people are heading to Launceston for the weekend … More Tassie Time!

Valentine’s Day Special: Songs For Your Lovers or Lack Thereof

The personal mix tape is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for your other half, yourself or even a favourite mate. But, with the evolution of technology, gone are the days when a cassette was a practical gift. So today in 2017, i’ve collated a three Spotify playlists for this corny day, which you can always … More Valentine’s Day Special: Songs For Your Lovers or Lack Thereof

Australian Brass Band Nationals: A Beginner’s Guide

We are officially less than a week away from the 2016 National Band Championships, or just “Nationals” for those in the know. Motels across the Barossa Valley are bracing for the oncoming hit of hoards of brass players in all their loud, brassy glory. For those new to brass banding, here’s a little guide to what … More Australian Brass Band Nationals: A Beginner’s Guide

Lead up to Nationals

As anyone in the Aussie brass band scene knows, Easter is a busy time of year. Forget chocolate and rabbits – we’ve locked the doors, we can’t go out for dinner and no, we’re not free this weekend. We have rehearsal, or we have to practice before our next one. March is our busiest time … More Lead up to Nationals

Emilia & the Groovers @ Oscar’s Alehouse

Soft lighting and comfy couches were the cornerstone of last night’s escapade to Oscar’s Alehouse. A casual bar with a soothing ambience that seemed to perfectly compliment Emilia & the Groover’s for their debut gig. A reduced version of Emilia & the Scarlettes, the trio brought the same refined sound with a little less grandeur … More Emilia & the Groovers @ Oscar’s Alehouse